One of the most stunning harbour in Iceland is in Arnarstapi. It’s girded by a crystal-clear sea and amazing cliff-lined shore – and in the sea, there is probably a seal swimming among the small boats.

In the background is the mystical glacier. According to the book, Journey to the center of the Earth, by Jules Verne, a crater in the glacier leads down to the Earth’s center and comes out the other side at Mount Edna in Italy.

There is a large arctic tern colony in Arnarstapi. During the nest season in the summer, the birds defend their nests fiercely with swooping attacks to the heads of innocent tourists! It’s a sport to walk through the colony to prove one’s bravery, while someone else stays in a safe distance with a camera or a cell phone to record the heroic event!

Along the shore there are breathtaking lava formations. There is a path leading to the next village which is in walking distance from Arnarstapi. On the way, there is a cave where the roof had been broken through by the sea. You can look down at the waves and watch the seabirds and if there is a strong current and windy, the waves micht reach to the top.

Further along the shore there are two other blowholes and the picturesqe Gatklettur stone arch. If you carry on along the coastal nature reserve to the next village Hellnar, you will find more arches and even bigger caves. In Hellnar harbour, there is one of the country’s smallest and coziest cafés, Fjöruhúsið, which is a major attraction in it self. There is nothing like sitting on the cafés veranda, with a large cup of warm, delicious soup in your hand and enjoy the incredible view over the cliffs, caves, beach and the sea.

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