Around the house there is a big garden, with lots of wildflowers and herbs, where we try to grow a forest. Trees do not grow fast, nor do they prosper very well in this part of the world! But they are big enough to give birds shelter for their nests. Both in the garden and further away from the house, various species nest. To name a few: redwing (turdus iliacus), common snipe (gallinago gallinago), europian golden plover (pluvialis apricaria), eurasian oystercatcher (haematopus ostralegus), whimbrel (numenius phaeopus) and white wagtail (motacilla alba).

For those who like bird watching, photographing or just walking in the clear air, listen to the birds and relax in beautiful nature, Gröf in Breiðuvík is a perfect place.

Interesting and adventurous walking paths lead from the house in every direction. You can wander down to the wonderfully peaceful beach, where you might on a good day see hundreds of sea birds, or even an eagle, on the sand.

You can also head up to the mountains to have a closer look at the waterfalls, or the (young)horses. The higher up you go, the better the view, and from the top, the view over the light sandy bay Breiðavík is breathtaking.

Or you might just like to relax on the veranda in the hot tub or play with our dog Viska.

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Just a few minutes by a car, takes you to Raudfeldsgjá, Ytri Tunga and Arnarstapi.


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